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The Diversity and Inclusion Champion training is an advanced and in-depth understanding of diversity and inclusion as it relates to assessment intervention and best practices for the workplace.


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The goal of this course is to describe the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule and its requirements. TRID
Compliance Basics begins with an overview of the TRID rule, explaining the background and scope of the rule and
introducing the related disclosures. The course then presents the Loan Estimate and Written List of Providers forms,
describing pre-disclosure requirements and restrictions. Next, the course addresses the tolerance rules that govern
acceptable variances between the Loan Estimate and the Closing Disclosure along with the circumstances that require
re-disclosure. Toward the end of the course, the Closing Disclosure form and associated timing and delivery
requirements are presented. The course concludes with a discussion of enforcement and liability related to TRID.

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The 2015 Update to the HMDA Rule course provides an overview of these important changes. The course includes a
brief background on the origins and purposes of HMDA and explains how the Dodd-Frank Act drives the changes in the 2015 HMDA rule. Next, the course presents the key changes to the rule, including coverage criteria for institutions,
covered transactions, new data fields, and the new reporting process. The course concludes with a discussion of the
impacts of these changes for lenders and what lenders should start thinking about today to ensure a successful
implementation. For institutions in the multifamily lending business, the course highlights and explains critical changes they need to be aware of, including the revised definition of dwelling to include multifamily properties and reporting on income restricted units. The changes to the rule in the area of covered institutions and threshold criteria will bring in new reporters. This course will help them understand the basics of the 2015 HMDA rule; however, new reporters should be sure to get complete background on HMDA and may benefit from consulting with legal counsel to fully understand their obligations.

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This course addresses the requirements of the acts and regulations designed to provide consumers with certain rights
regarding the disclosure of non-public personal information held by financial institutions and to help curb identity
theft. These laws:
 Regulate how non-public consumer information is collected, disclosed, and shared.

 Impose requirements on credit reporting agencies to ensure fair and accurate reporting.
 Grant consumers the right to:
o Access the information that creditors use to make credit decisions.
o Dispute inaccurate or incomplete information.
 Limit access to consumer credit information and how that information is used.
 Protect consumers against identity theft.

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Generating Purchase Business for Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) provides mortgage loan originators with
marketing strategies used to stimulate purchase money business. This course provides training on the various avenues for creating referrals and provides specific techniques for generating leads from each of those relationships. As part of the course, each student completes a personalized lead generation plan, which documents the student's own personal strategy to stimulate purchase business and generate leads.

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In this course, we look at circumstances that necessitated the legislation of fair lending practices. We then briefly
describe the laws that work to prevent discrimination in lending. We identify the principles of quality of assistance
that will improve a customer's perception of his or her treatment by a mortgage lender. Finally, we examine the
categories of discrimination addressed within fair lending regulations.

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